Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Since Tim and I had trouble coming up with Halloween costumes for ourselves...

Diefy is Zorro!

Ducky is a pirate!  ARgh!  (I thought his belt looked kinda HanSolo-ish.)

Lil Dief is a ghost!  (With a crooked face.  But he doesn't know.  hehe.)

Pooky is a pumpkin [face]!

Daisy is a Flower Princess.  :]  (Do you like?  I made her mask!  You can't really see the greenery on her right side though.  {sad})

Baker is a little piggy.  :oP

I call this one "The Pig Jumps Over a Pumpkin."  You know... like "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon"?



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