Thursday, October 7, 2010


Good Afternoon
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Contrary to the current trend (two makes it a trend, right?) of recipe posts, this is definitely not a cooking blog.  :-P  I don't... cook.  Well.  I do now.  But mostly only cause the nice husband works and I currently do not so I have the time to cook.  During our interim stay in Ithaca this past summer, the husband mostly cooked every night.  Well, it depends if how you define cooking, since I chopped, sliced, and helped prep but he would make it hot.  :]  He enjoys cooking and likes experimenting and coming up with new things.  I enjoy eating.  :]

Through these past couple months, I've had to scour the interweb for new recipes and I think... I've actually come to enjoy this cooking business, and... I think I'm sort of better at it.  Practice makes perfect things edible!  :-D  The husband says he can still cook after work but if I want to eat at a reasonable time, I would have to prep most of the stuff before he got home (defrost chicken, brine chicken, marinate chicken, chop veggies, etc.)  And... if I'm doing that, it really only takes me like ~15 minutes to make the food hot... so why don't I just do it all.  :-P  So the weekends have become the husband's cooking time. 

My improvement in cooking at least relieves me that our future children won't have to wait for daddy to cook to eat a decent meal... that isn't stir-fried noodles or spaghetti.  :oP

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