Sunday, October 24, 2010

PSSA: Public service shopping announcements

Classic Chucks in Charcoal: I think I really like these.  My last pair of chucks were navy blue and in third grade or something.  :-P  My dad made fun of me because he said he used to own a pair when he was young, and why are they so trendy now.   

Hello my name is...  Just thought these were cute and unique.  Not sure I'd actually wear them.

Plaid Chucks: These are super cute!  And they are currently on sale for $33 on (before the extra 10% off!)

PSSA:  Get an extra 10% off with no minimum required via coupon code "THANKS10" + Free Shipping (site wide) at  Code expires Oct 31.

I can't decide which one is the cutest!  I can't quite decide if I'm bold enough to do red-orange, so I'd probably be boring and safe, and do grey.  :oP  And there's this plaid one that I like that I've mentioned before.  However, I was JUST gifted an early birthday of a lovely short pea-coat so... I may have to pass on this deal.  Maybe. 

PSSA: 50% off any one piece of Outerwear.  Click here for pdf printable coupon.  Valid Oct 26-28, 2010.


  1. we should start a shopping/fashion blog! haha and i JUST bought those charcoal converses :P

    i like this old navy coat:

  2. i like the red orange coat! it's cute! but i think i only have grey and black coats right now. i'm pretty sure it's un-sanfranciscan to wear color. lol.


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