Friday, October 15, 2010

Tag-eroo, now I pick you!

got tagged (though on The Adventures of Alvina & Tim) by Morgan (aka Mrs Cola) from The Handcrafted Life and I'm super tired/jet lagged o_O/getting sick/something and don't want to do laundry, so here goes!

1. Who is on your list of 5 (famous people you can be with), and is your list laminated?
Oh boy.  I wasn't entirely sure what this question meant so I read it 5 times and then had to google what "list of 5" meant!  Though I did interpret it beforehand... and my interpretation was right.  I wouldn't want to be with anyone other than my dear husband but I will say... Ryan Reynolds is nice to look at, Mario Lopez has cute dimples, Will Smith is too cool, and Brad Paisley can sing me a song anyday.  :-P  And I had to work  hard at that list so no... it's not laminated.

2. Sweet or Savory--what is your favorite type of food?
Savory!  It's sort of like if I don't eat something savory for a meal, I don't feel full!  So while I enjoy things like donuts and cakes and stuff, I prefer something hot and salty.  My favorite type of food is... Asian?  haha that's a type (that covers a wide range) right?  ;]  My favorite foods are pho and Chicken McNuggets.  :-P

3. Approx how many pairs of shoes do you have, and describe the last pair you bought.
Oh.  Not a lot.  Maybe like... 3-4 here and 5 in SF?  I like shoes but I think I have wide feet so not all shoes are kind to me!  Here I have two pairs of sneakers, black flats, black party heels, and some flip flops (which should not count as shoes).  The last pair I bought were my grey New Balance running shoes, to replace my Nike ones which were messing up my toes.  :(

4. If money is no object, what is your ultimate dream vacation?
Oooo.  Um... world trip?  haha.  I wanted to go to Tahiti for our honeymoon but it was too pricey for us!  I want to stay in one of those huts-over-water things.  Perhaps a cruise on a baller cruise line (which I've already got in mind.  haha.)  It can start there... and then swing by Australia and New Zealand and Asia too.  :]

5. Favorite new TV show this season?
Haven't started watching anything new but keeping up with Greys, Family Guy, and The Simpsons, and trying to catch up on The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.  Our awesome public library here has like every DVD you'd want to rent (though sometimes you have to reserve and wait) so... we're not even giving our business to Redbox much anymore.

6. The new leggings fashion trend, are you for it or against it?
I'm not so strongly for it or against it.  People should wear them well.  Which  means... leggings are not pants.  You should have something else covering your butt besides the leggings.  Please.

7. What is the sweetest/nicest thing your hubby does for you?
Ummm.... probably the small things!  Like... when he doesn't put my purse on the floor cause he knows I don't like that, when he doesn't cook with cilantro cause he knows I don't like that, or opens the car door for me (which has declined since the dating years, but still occurs once in awhile!)  I can't think of anything specific right now but... there are lots of nice sweet things he does for me!  :-D

8. Have you ever had a bad haircut? What did you do to get over it?
Maybe?  Nothing horrific.  Usually either the sides aren't even or it was shorter than I asked for.  I just try to fix it myself, like trim it until it's sort of even and let it grow out!

I'm tagging...

And your questions are:

1) If you could spend 6 weeks learning about something (basketweaving, audio mixing, the guitar, cooking, photography, chemistry, painting, etc.), what would it be and why?
2) What would you order for your last meal on earth?
3) If you are handed two plane tickets and 7 nights hotel, where would you go and who would you take?
4) Name 5 things on your bucket list.
5) What are the last things you do before you fall asleep?
6) What are your favorite pizza toppings?
7) What's your cell phone wall paper?
8) What are 3 things you always take with you out the door everyday (minus the keys)?

Okay, you know you want to answer them, so GO!


  1. 1. i didn't realize chicken mcnuggets were asian :P
    2. yay for coming to australia :)
    3. ok i'll do it! but i don't know who to tag :P

  2. haha, "leggings are not pants" AGREE!


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