Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The knock-off Marlboro

Tonight was our first small group fellowship so dinner had to be somewhat quick.

So I opted to try to make The Marlboro Man Sandwich by none other than the Pioneer Woman  :]

The Marlboro Man Sandwich.  (Source)

It mostly made me think it kinda resembled a thick, more steak-like, hearty Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.  Though I might get beat up for saying that. 

If you look at the recipe, it calls for a whoppin' 2 sticks of butter (for 2-3 lbs of cube steak, spread over 4 sandwiches).  That's a lotta butter, woman!  Since I used the recipe as more of a "guide" than following it step by step, I cut out most of the butter.  :oP

I used a sirloin steak that we got from Costco, which has the flakey consistency of philly cheese steak.

Sauteed this onion in EVOO (instead of globs of butter).  And we apparently have a mutant blue knife!

Goooo Cow go!

Meet my sandwich.  I slathered a LITTLE bit of homemade butter on ONE side of the bread and toasted it (in a toaster oven).  Piled on the beef and onions.  And those are two sad pieces of provolone, that were just hanging out in the bag from yesterday's sandwiches.  :oP
It turned out a bit salty, most likely from the combination of the seasoning salt plus the Worcestershire Sauce.  Which were both eyeballed.  So we added some lettuce before consumption and drank lots of water.  :oP

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