Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ACDC's annual report

Besides the slow posting due to Thanksgiving last week, this has also been what has been keeping me busy at work for the past month of my life.  :] 

Well... the front and back cover of a 24 page annual report at least!  You might be bored to death if I posted the entire thing.  :-P  (Unless you are interested in real estate development in affordable housing and what we've done this past year!)  But if you insist on reading it (or at least looking at the pictures) I can email you the PDF!  It was definitely the biggest design project I've worked on... that wasn't just for my own entertainment.  If I had more time and such, I would make it cooler.  hahah.  But as it is, I do stuff and other people approve.  And there was the whole deadline thing of getting it in time for our annual meeting & dinner last night.  (Where I finally got to hold it in my hands in print!)  The report is nothing spectacular, design wise, but I'm pretty proud of it.  Perhaps that is the case with anything you spend a month nursing!

Now I'm off to edit a bunch of pictures I took from said annual meeting.  How do you fix too-bright flash?!

Ah!  I still have to post about my Thanksgiving/Fall cards!  And of course, I was going to go boot shopping today but the sky decided to rain.  {shakes head}  And my Gmail background decided to show it's SNOWING.  (Which is not true.)

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