Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving cards

I like cards. I like sending cards.  I like receiving cards.  So naturally, I wanted to send cards for Thanksgiving.  :]  I didn't want to buy a pack and only get like 6 cards, so I made my own!  With some "3D" self-adhering stickers that were on sale at Target and some cardstock I already had.

The short-front collection

The full-front collection

And these are some of my favorites:

I think this was the best of the batch, and my mommy got it  :]

Tim actually ended up taking this one and writing me a Thanksgiving note.  :-P 
I really like the orange + grey.  I thought it was kind of... modern.

Pumpkies!  This one went to the in-laws.

I think the cousin got this cheery apple one.  :]

I started with a minimalistic look.  Then thought about printing out "Happy Thanksgiving" and slappin' it somewhere on the front.  Got lazy and went with the minimalistic look.  :-P  I have a few that I haven't sent yet.  They were suppose to be Thanksgiving cards and then it would've arrived too late so I was like "paaawsh, I'll send them later," and then Thanksgiving passed, and I still haven't sent them.  So now they will be fall-is-on-its-way-out/"Merry Christmas even though this isn't a Christmas card but I'll probably be too busy to make those" cards.  :-P

Who wants one?


  1. those are super cute! i like the minimal look, very modern! if you've still got extras, i'd like one! i promise to mail your christmas postcard next week, lol. i've been slacking on writing them all so far!

  2. Thank you for the card! It's super cute! :D


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