Friday, December 17, 2010

tmnt key cover!

I unintentionally ended up spending 4 hours in Hahhhvard Square!  First it was the changing the name at the bank.  Apparently California BofA has it's own system separate from the rest of the country!  Then I wandered about, buying things I shouldn't buy, going to the post office to send off some packages and cards (fastest post office experience when there was a line though!), and then discovered a store that sells European food goods (and accidently buying things there too).

But lookie what I found at Urban Outfitters!!!  :-D 

Now I'm gonna go see if it actually fits on my key and go write some more Christmas cards!


  1. i love key covers! I have a pikachu, a piplup, and a sak mon cover. :D Is michaelangelo your favorite? I took sak to urban outfitters last weekend and he was impressed by the amount of quirky stuff they had.

  2. They take up so much room though! On my already busy, heavy set of keys! :] But they do add joy to daily life. :-P

    Hmmm well. I think when I was growing up, my favorite was Leonardo but orange is my favorite color now, so I felt like I had to get Mikey. :-P

    Yeah Urban Outfitters has crazy, fun, quirky things... at VERY expensive prices though. But somethings you can only find there! (Or online, but then you have to pay for shipping)


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