Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the costco way!

Tim and I joke I was more excited to get our Costco membership than getting married.  Which by the way, we have been for SIX MONTHS as of yesterday!  :]  Married that is.  It's kind of crazy that it has seemed so long (in a good way! haha) yet so short.  :]

Anyway, last weekend (after Thanksgiving) Costco gave away complimentary copies of their annual cookbook!  There are a ton of recipes under the categories of breafast, appetizers, beverages, salads and soups, side dishes, Chef's choice, entrees, and desserts!  All the ingrediants are things you can find at Costco!

My dad texted me about the free book like... Friday evening and we were too busy lazy to go to Costco that weekend.  He said I could have their copy.  :-P  BUT!  It is also ONLINE!  In a handy dandy PDF!  As well as their past NINE years of cookbooks.  :]

Here is the link to past Costco cookbooks PDFS  (Scroll down a little, to the left)

For some reason, the links on that page get all scrunched up at the bottom so the last cookbook I'm able to click on is 2004.  So incase you also have this problem and want 2002 and 2003, here is the link to some person's blog that has them all!  (Scroll to bottom of post)

Your recipe collection has now expanded a bajillion fold.  :]

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  1. huh. i didn't know costco had a cookbook. that's cool! we still don't have a membership..I love costco but sak is convinced that the two of us don't eat enough to warrant a membership. pshh. i COULD eat enough, given the chance! enjoy your card, you lucky girl.


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