Friday, December 3, 2010

broken blogger!

I've been trying to share my Thanksgiving cards, but I can't seem to post images!! :( This is been the case since yesterday :( I wonder if it's just my account since other people have been posting!

So... I will just wish Kevin a wonderful birthday and happy Friday to everyone!! And share this new comedian I just discovered, Joe Wong:

Strong accent, slightly awkward, but super funny :]  Also found out he's from the Boston area, so hopefully we can catch a show sometime!

Who has awesome weekend plans? Or non-awesome ones?


  1. my blogger broke too a while ago. you can do either of the following to "fix" it:

    1) upload your images to a third party host (flikr, photobucket, etc.) and then use blogger to upload URLs


    2) switch blogger back to the old editor mode in the settings page. this worked for me, though i don't like working in the old editor.

    luckily, blogger fixed whatever was wrong a few days later, i think it has something to do with # of pictures in your account overloading, they have to make new galleries to hold the extra pictures and it takes a while. :P frustrating though, i know!


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