Friday, December 3, 2010

PSSA: Boots!

Whoo hoo!  I can load images now.  (Thanks for the tip Penga!  But I didn't care enough, went shopping instead and now it fixed itself.  haha.)

So.  Sears is not the first place I think of when I think of buying boots.  But they have boots!  For $30!  Granted they are not Grade A fancy pants boots, but if you're looking for fashion boots that won't necessarily touch snow or really need to keep you warm (ahem, Californians) and you're on a budget, give Sears a try!  I tried Target and even looked at Macys but they either had funny looks, sold out of my size, or were just too expensive.

Sear is currently have a boot sale and it seems like most of them were $30 for mid-calf boots and $25 for booties.

I got these:

Canyon River Blues Women's Taylor - Smooth Slouch Boot in Black

They also have this style, also called "Taylor" in suede.  I actually liked the style a lot better.  However even though they seem to be the "same boot" with different material, the smooth "leather"-esque one was more comfortable.  Here's the suede one in grey:

The guy who helped me get shoes from the back was really nice, friendly and helpful.  The first pair of the smooth Taylor's he gave me had this "mark" on it (looked like a pencil mark) so like a good Chinese person, I asked if they had another pair in the back.  He kindly brought me another mark-free pair.

I really liked these.  A lot.  They were suede and had some buckle strap things going on.  My favorite part actually the print lined inside!  But I think they ran a little long for my feet.  Like if it not squishy in the front, I could feel the heel lifting when I walked.  So I had to pass.  {sadface}

Then I found this pair!  Even though I normally would say I don't do "furrry," they looked really comfortable.

So I tried them on and they were SUPER comfortable!  However, they were scuffed all over!  They were super busy so I felt bad asking him to bring me another pair just because of some scuffs.  Like one pair yes.  A second pair, I can think of some names to call myself.  :-P  If they weren't so busy I would've definitely done it but eh.  This pair, especially since it's brown and I don't seem to own too many things that go with brown anymore, would be the "casual," shove my feet into when going out pair.  It was also $30 and seemed more "cold-weather" capable.  The scuffs did make me think about how they might last since they would get even more scuffed up in the real world!  Like if they were getting that scuffed up being tried on in the store, would they survive the outdoors?!  But they were comfy.  *sigh*  Perhaps I will get it the next time I go.  I also contemplated getting Costco-"Uggs" instead (which are also $30 and would be better quality) but my husband think those are ugly and I'm not a huge fan of the look.   Heard they're comfy though.

But finally some boots!  Though they seem more on the "formal" end and casual ones would be more useful on the daily basis.  :]

Then I used this Old Navy 30% off coupon and got some grey khakis for $14!  :-D  I didn't actually want them in this light grey [aka earl grey] but it was the only pair on the entire shelf in my size in short!  :(  I think the bootcut khakis are $30 and the flares are $20 but I asked and they just gave me the khakis for $20, then plus the 30%!  Sweet deal.  :]


  1. ohh. nice boots! is booties really the term for short-boots? lol. i just walked to pier 39 and back and have blisters now due to my i think I will need to upgrade from my cheap payless ones soon. :P

  2. It's true! It's booties! haha. I didn't make it up. I think it's for like ankle boots. You can check DSW or Target or even Payless' websites!

    Oh. I don't know if Sears boots give blisters. I can tell you in a week or two. :-P But I looked at Payless too and they're $30 too! So I think Sears might be better than Payless but not as good as say, Macys or something.

  3. what does the second "S" stand for? Shopping?

    And yay for boots! :) Is this your first pair? Are the black boots warm?


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