Friday, October 7, 2011


So Heidi and Jobe were here visitng last week (can't believe it's almost been a week already!)  It was great fun.  Too short actually!  They flew into Maine and then drove down here, then continued their adventures at Niagara Falls and NYC, those lucky ducks!

I will post about their visit in a bit.  Maybe tomorrow.  But today.  We post about something more important.


This incredible action shot courtesy of Heidi and her megazoom camera

 Wait what?  You can't see who that is?

Yes, that is the fine Ryan Reynolds.  Whom we've taken to call RR.

One of my favorite actors.  In the flesh.  Within air molecule sharing distance.  {{inhales}}  Then {{squeals}}!  :D  They are shooting RIPD (Rest in Peace Department) right here in Boston!  It's a movie coming out in 2013 about "a recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him" ( yada yada yada have I mentioned Ryan Reynolds is in it?  :oP  (And Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges.)

Here's one of the prop cars

Here's a smashed version of the prop car

We first saw them shooting on Saturday.  We went back Monday to see if they were still shooting but they weren't.  :(  But here's the spot where Mr. Reynolds was standing!

 There's been reports of RR walking his dog Baxter in the Boston Public Gardens (which we also went to but did not see him there.)  I found out where they were filming on Tuesday and a co-worker and I decided to go "check it out"... even though it was all the way in East Boston!  hahah.  But since it out was out a pier, all we could see was a bunch of film trailers/equipment, a buttload of cops, and a catering table.  :(  Apparently this co-worker has a friend who's actually working on the set!  They will be filming downtown again this weekend but I'm too busy to gooooo.  :(  Why can't they film during the weekends when I'm basically working downtown?!

This was one of the highlights when the Frondas were visiting.  And Boston is great.  :D  I'll let you know if I go stalk visit another filming location anytime soon...  Mr. Reynolds, please don't leave Boston yet!


  1. Haha! Wow, that's pretty exciting! I've never seen an actor in a shoot before. Hope you get some more RR eye candy before they finish filming!

  2. What do u meaaaannnn too busy to go into dtown??!!!?? Just take Courtney on a "tour" of downtown Boston & 'oh look, court! Looks like they're shooting a film here!'

    No such thing as too busy to see RR!


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