Sunday, October 30, 2011

cruisin' the Charles

So I've dabbled with Groupons, Living Social, and now Google Offers!  There was some article that came out a cople weeks ago that said these "coupons" weren't actually as big a discount as they sometimes tout!  One instance was a "Groupon" for a cleaning company that claimed it was 75% off, but then when the reporter or person called the cleaning company for a regular inquiry, the "Groupon" was really only a 30% discount.  (Or something like that.)  I haven't bought too many --- a few for restuarants we usually go to or restuarants/adventures we've been wanting to try.

Anyway.  A few months back, I saw a Groupon for a Charles River Cruise and picked up two for the in-laws visiting in August.  However, turns out they had plans and didn't really have time to use them!  So about a week before they expired, Tim and I went on a cruise on the Charles.  :]


As you can see... it was fun and scenic, but not very exciting.  :oP

The tour guide lady says this is the only place where a plane can fly over a car driving over a train that's going over a boat.  :]  Neato.

Do you buy Groupons (or the like)?

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  1. Nice date with Timmy! I like the scenery. The car on top of the boat and plane on top of the car's a cool concept. I would like to see that happen someday. Heheh.

    How r u guys holdin up with all that snow??? I guess no trick or treating out there!


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