Wednesday, October 26, 2011

house centipedes not welcomed!

Last night, I was just about to serve up some chocolate mousse I saw this GIANT BUG scurry across the kitchen floor and under the fridge!  I, of course, just starred and yelped, "OH MY GOSH, IT'S SO BIG" while Tim was like... "why didn't you kill it... you're even wearing shoes." (Flip flops.  Inside flip flops.)

Tim eventually found it scurrying towards our back door and killededed it!  WHOO!  He said it was probably a house centipede.  I've seen centipedes (apparently only brown centipedes) and was like... those (brown centipedes) are small, this is not the same kind!  So I go and Google "house centipede" and OH MY... they are NASTY (in the "it has too many legs, it's too big, and it frightens me" kind of way).  And it's the same kind that ran across our kitchen floor!  They are so gross, I don't want to post a picture here so you can click here for house centipede to see, or Google "house centipede."

I think I've found smaller versions (babies?) around before.  But this was the big mama!  Eeech.  >_<  It's appearance is most likely due to the fact we've been turning on the heat (or rather, Tim has.  I'm used to arctic temperatures inside the house and being told to just put on a sweater.  Hah!) and we're forcing all residents in the heater vents to relocate.  o_O

This was one New England species (I'm sure they exist in California but not in my house back home!  At least not this big...) I didn't want to discover!  Lets go back to pretty snails that move really slowly...

Have you found any strange bugs in your house?


  1. Gross gross! Lately I've been finding more bugs in the house..maybe due to the temp changes. I always scream and make sak kill them because I am a pansy. I hope the crawlies stay away from you this winter!!

  2. The scariest thing I've found inside my house was a huntsman spider (you probably don't want to google it :P)... they aren't poisonous, but massive!!! The one inside my house was a baby and still almost 3" leg diameter. I've seen one that was bigger than my hand!!

  3. Yep looks like I can comment if I use firefox. more bug posts haha.

  4. Ewie! I hate bugs too!

    Jobe & I do this every 9 month perimeter spray down of the inside & outside of the house after we moved in. We bought the spray thingie from home depot, it comes in a small jug with a spraying spout, like those sprayers u have in ur kitchen window sill, and so far so good. It does the job of keeping bugs away. We try to leave the house all day with some windows open to ventilate the rooms a bit.


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