Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heidi & Jobe visit!

We shall start with recapping Heidi and Jobe's visit!  It was fabulous!  I love having friends from home visit (and family and all our visitors).  :D

Of course we had to start things off right with a big ole breakfast from Henrietta's Table!

Then we moseyed on downtown and took the ferry to Charlestown to see the USS Constitution.

Dinner at The Kebab Factory

(Ok... yes we need to introduce some new places to our visitors, but we'll just say these are the 2011 edition places!  We'll change it up next year!)

On their second day here we went to Rockport!  This is the Halibut Point State Park.

The Proposal was shot here!  (It was supposed to be "Alaska.")  :D  :D  :D

It was rainy but still very quaint!

And quite stormy!

We explored downtown some more on the third day!  This squirrel posed for me in Boston Common.

Jobe modeling in Beacon  Hill.  HAHA.

So Martha Stewart!  :D

Thanks for visiting Jobe and Heidi!  COME BACK SOON!!  :D

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  1. Pancakes!! And that squirrel thinks he's spiderman with that pose, haha


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