Sunday, October 23, 2011

swirly snail

What a beauty!  And I almost stepped on it.

 A couple weeks ago, I saw this little snail crawling abouts on my way to work

Doesn't it have the prettest shell you've ever sawed?

A slug with a pretty ornament  :oP

Feeeeeelers!  Or rather, those are its eyes.  :]

There were snails in my backyard when I was little and they were pretty ugly.  Boring, brown shells that crunched easily.  (I don't think I killed any on purpose!  They were usually empty when I found out they crunched easily!)  Who knew they came with such beautiful shells!  Kinda wish I kept it for a pet!  Cause who knows what happened to it after I walked on.  Maybe a dog licked it. 

I just googled about snails and there are SO MANY COOL ONES!  Who knew.  I love New England!  :oP  Now I'm on a mission to identify my snail!  Will report back if successful.


  1. Haha, snails are kinda gross, but you're right, it does have a pretty shell!

  2. Wow. Snails are so nearsighted. They need some thick glasses like me. They almost gonna smell the ground with their eyes like that.

    I think u may need to get urself some hermit crabs.. U know, the ones from serramonte kiosks, with all the painted shells? I bet u can paint a shell like andi's shell.


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