Sunday, October 23, 2011

swirly snail: update!

So I believe my swirly snail... whom I've named Andi... is a grove snail!  Also known as a brown lipped snail or a Cepaea nemoralis!  :D

Kinda looks like this yah? (But mine is way prettier.  :oP)

There aren't too many good pictures of grove snails out there so I'm very happy about my captures, and the swirly pattern is extra gorgeously solid on the one I found.

I also started researching about snails and slugs.  There are SO many cool ones!  :oP  (Who knew I'd like snails and slugs.  They're so slimy and gross.  I was telling Tim that I probably like snails mostly cause they have a shell so you don't have to touch the goopy wiggly part of them.)

Of course there is also the vast world of sea slugs!  Check out this dragon slug!!  SUPER cool huh?

Totally looks like something from Pokemon or Power Rangers or something.  :oP  It's called a nudibranch, which includes all kinds of other "soft-bodied, marine gastropod mollucks."

I'm so excited about the Living Social coupon thingie we got for the aquarium!!!  :D  Jelly fish are so fun to look at!!!


  1. Lol. Alvina the snail expert! So andi is a rare snail type?

  2. LOL Penga, no I named it Andi! Like... Sam or Joey or Carly or Jane! :oP I named it Andy and then I read somewhere snails can be... both, so I thought Andi sounded like a ambiguous name. :oP

  3. Andi. Hahaha. Andi Lau! >_<

    That dragon slug's pretty wild.

    Giiirl, u're turnin into a coupon queen!


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