Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin jars

Aren't these SUPER cute?  Too bad I am TOO lazy to make them.  But they seem easy enough!  (Coating the inside with paint!)  Found them on Make It - Love It, who adapted them from Martha.

I also FINALLY bought a little pumpkin today.  From a rushed, slightly impatient man at the farmer's market which was closing.  I obviously asked too many questions... "how much are the pumpkins?"... "can I have a bag?"

Not sure what we're doing with it yet.  Whether we'll have time to carve (it's kind of small...) it or if I'll just draw on it.  :oP

Do you have a pumpkin this year?


  1. Those are cute jars! For candy. Heeheee.

    I still don't have a legit pumpkin, but we have some small baby ones at least!

  2. I thought they were Lego pieces at first glance! I'm like, oooo, nice figurings!


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