Tuesday, November 16, 2010

clean clean clean!

Since Penga blogged about her clean and tidy craft room, I will blog about how I cleaned the shower (which took like... 25-30 minutes since it was so dirty.  hah.), the counter, swept the kitchen, and vacuumed!  I also made Thanksgiving cards, watched the latest Grey's Anatomy, Family Guy, and The Simpsons.  I ate breakfast today, lunch twice, and made chicken strip snack wraps (for on the go!) for dinner since we had worship practice at 645pm (and Tim gets home at 6:30pm).

I am probably most proud of the clean shower since it's AH-SPARKLING.  I can't see the grime really well when I'm in the shower since I don't have my glasses on, so it's easy to ignore.  However, a whole 35% of our shower is glass, so it displays the grime really well when I'm not in the shower (and have my glasses on).  Vinegar is the key to cleaning glass showers!

I made Thanksgiving cards because... I didn't want to pay $5 for 6 cards in a pack.  I found some "Thanksgiving/Fall" 3D scrapbooky-like stickers on sale for like $1.60 at Target (with like 25 pieces or something), slapped them tastefully onto some cardstock and ta-da!!  I has me some Thanksgiving cards.  :]  Just because I like making/sending cards and who doesn't like mail? (That isn't a bill?)  I may share of them tomorrow or sometime this week.

I trimmed all my nails, but failed to paint my toes like I planned to and I did not pick up something I ordered from Crate & Barrel since I was going to go out around 4pm, looked outside, and realized it was almost DARK.  And it's about a mile there and a mile back (and I would be walking).  It will still be there tomorrow.

What productive things did you go today?


  1. Oh! Are you a singer? Or maybe a guitarist? I can't really see Alvina the drummer..

    And yes, please share your thanksgiving cards!

  2. hahah I am actually a drummer. :] Though I dabble in guitaring and keyboarding once in a while.

  3. haha! REALLY! that really was my last guess! that's awesome you're talented to serve that way :) they let me usher sometimes which about it. haha.

  4. HAHA. I bet you're a great program-passer-outter... or... seat-finder... offering collector? :-P


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