Friday, November 5, 2010

so that's what that icon is for

Guess what I just learned to do??

Ok... so it's a little early-90s-esque and... not something I'd consider as classy, modern photography.  And I may have laughed at photographers who do this but I learned something new ok?

Miss Giraffe did a short tutorial on how to do black & white with effects and I learned what the History Brush Tool does!  Lets just say there are many buttons, icons, and features in Photoshop I don't use.  Because I don't know what they do.  :(  I have so many resources and websites bookmarked on Photoshop tutorials but... I always forget to look through them and try stuff.

What are some of your favorite Photoshop effects?  What cool Photoshop tips can you share?

1 comment:

  1. heheh! i like your early 90's photo tribute.

    and I know what you mean about bookmarked tutorials! i have a ton unread/unwatched as well.


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