Sunday, November 14, 2010

shopping extravaganza

It was kind of a big win on the shopping front this weekend!

This past Thursday, after work I decided to pop into DSW (no luck there) and TJ Maxx downtown.  At TJ, I was looking for shoes but swung by the other sections and found this Talbot Cabled pima cotton v-neck sweater for $13!  (Annnd it makes it an even better deal that I actually found it on the website for $26.50.  :oP)

There is/was Gap/Old Navy/BR Give & Get Program 30% off anything this weekend, so on Friday I went to CambridgeSide Galleria and hit up Gap, Old Navy, H&M and some other random stores.  Can you believe there are no Gap's or Old Navy's downtown?!  Otherwise I would've gone on Thursday!  At H&M, I found this scarf.  For $3!  The plus was that Abby & Justine had gifted me with a coat for my birthday ---- which didn't fit, so I hauled it from SF to Boston, returned it, and thanks to high San Francisco tax, I got the coat and a couple extra dollars.  :oP  So with the couple extra dollars put towards ths scarf, I only had to pay 76 cents.  :D

Gap was terribly disappointing.  Nothing good on sale.  Nothing really good not on sale.  They were trying to move some 80s-esque, baggy merch.  No thanks.

I never used to shop Old Navy much but I feel like I have a lot more this year.  I think it's because 1) Gap has been disappointing and not cheap, 2) Old Navy has gotten better style, and has stopped printing their name/logo on everything.  I used to also not like Old Navy as much cause I didn't fit their stuff!  Their sizes were too big but I've since learned to pick and choose.  Sometimes their smalls are really small and sometimes they're too big!  Hardly consistent but that's what fitting rooms are for.  :]
I got three things.  All for $15 after the 30% off.
I found this ruffle-trim henley (for $7 after 30% off) which I thought was okay.  I need more long sleeves shirts (ahhhh winter!!) and it had some texture/design to it (that you can't really see on this black) so it wasn't just a plain long-sleeve tee.

Imagine this shirt... with my self-edited white stripes but in TAN.  For my other half, for $6.

For our nephew!  For $2.  :]  Gotta make sure he has some orange gear, yeah?  :]

I've been looking looking looking for some new flats and boots.  No success on the boots yet but I took advantage of DSW's 30% off coupon code (DSWSAVE expires 11.14.10) and their free shipping over $35 (SHIPR, requires free DSW membership) and got these Naturalizer Calva's for $34.99!  (I know I know.  Naturalizer, I'm such an old lady.  But hey, I gotta walk a mile to and from the train station!)

Yesterday, we went to Costco, Famous Footwear, and Old Navy (which were all in a plaza).  I found this purple shirt for $3.50 (after 30% off) and picked up a stocking stuffer item for the mother-in-law.

Randomly found this Matty M ladies tunic for $7.  SEVEN DOLLARS at Costco.  :]  Mine is a black/white/red combo and it doesn't come with the belt.  Sweet deal and it cinches at the waist (elastic) so it's not one of those babydoll pregger tops.  (Though I'm sure you could wear it if you're preggers too.)  It's kind of long... like it looks like a short dress?  So I suppose you could wear tights/leggings under and call it good.
Imagine a different print in black/white/red.  (Source)

I don't usually shop this much and considering the clothing purchases ranged between $2 and maxed out at $13, I think I did okay! 

So what did you do this weekend?

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