Friday, November 5, 2010

too cold for flats?

I'm pretty sure it's too cold to be wearing flats on this coast... but these caught my eye!  I definitely could use some "office" shoes though... and while I iron out my boots issue.

Hot Kiss Black Women's Corina from Famous Footwear

They're nothing spectacular but I thought that little piece of plaid fabric at the front with the bow was extra cute!  I definitely need another pair of black flats, and I wouldn't mind these!  (Looks wise... don't know fit wise.)

Flake Ballet from Payless

These just look... comfy.  :-P  Though I'm not sure how well the fur lining will hold up to sweaty feet!  I assume it's meant for going sockless?  And Payless shoes always seem to look cuter online than they do in person.  :o\

Flats are so much easier to deal with than boots.  {sigh}

1 comment:

  1. the second pair do look comfy! i need some new office shoes too..mine are getting a little beat up! though it's odd to me how that even happens since I only wear them in the office..:P


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