Friday, November 12, 2010

poloroid magnet frame

It's not too early to talk Christmas, is it?  :-P

Stocking stuff idea #475.  Isn't this a neat idea?  :]

"Snap Magnetic Frame by Umbra is designed to mimic a Polaroid® print while displaying your favorite snapshot. Below the photo opening is a place to write a caption (you can use a dry erase marker or a permanent one). It has a magnetic backing so it can be used on a steel surface such as a locker or refrigerator."  (Source)

But at $3 a piece, I'm thinking I could just cut out some white paper to do the same thing.  :-P  DIY project right there!  But if you're too lazy and want something "sturdier," they are from The Container Store.

We need magnets.  We don't seem to own any.  So there hasn't been anything on our fridge.  Until this past week when my sister-in-law sent us pictures of our nephew.  :-D  I had to use tape to put them up.

{adds magnets to my Christmas list}

1 comment:

  1. that's a really cute idea :) i have random crap all over my fridge. not very cute, but such is life. :P


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