Monday, November 8, 2010

CUtie CUpcakes

Whhhaa!  How cute is that?  :]  Martha (Stewart), you're so creative.  :]  (Source)

This is so cute too!  And more doable, I think!  I was thinking of making these for my small group, since we signed up for the first week of December.  hehe!  (Though I hope the snow stays away for as long as possible.)  But decided... apple oat cookies (or something less distractinly cute) might be better.  :-P  (Source)


  1. AHH. you just reminded me that i'm signed up for small group snacks this friday. blruuu!!!

  2. why wasn't i told that this blog existed?!?!?! dude, i had to like ADD your timvina blog site then manuever through it to find this blog page! anyway, glad i found it.

    i like the martha stewart cupcakes. very brilliant


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