Wednesday, January 12, 2011

animal cut outs!

How cute are these???  They are magnetic bookmarks from Etsy shop A Paper Playground!

Look at that panda!!!

Especially love the beaver and the bronto!  (Source)

These magnetic bookmarks are sold at $1 a pop!  (Though initial $2.50 shipping).  I was thinking of picking up a few for keeps and a few for gifts.  But then I had a day off and I was like, "Hey, I can make these!"  So I set off to make my own!  I think A Paper Playground uses like a Circut or something that makes nice symmetrical, straight lines.  Or she cuts really well.

Mine was less tidy and neat and has more... character!  :-P  See!  Meet Mr. Froggy:

Each item is a piece of cardstock paper (except for the eyes and mouth).

Hopefully I won't get sued for design plagarism.  I just wanted to play on paper playground too!  I came up with the lilypad all on my own!

Then today when I was browsing at TY stuffed animals and stumbled on this CUTIE!

His name is Arctic.  (Source)

So I used him as my inspiration for today's cut out!  :]

Colored scarf pieces courtesy of the latest Crate&Barrel Bestbuys catalog.  :oP

I'll have to work on my animals.  But they're kind of fun to put together.  :]  I can use the practice, so which animal would you like?


  1. Cuteness! And I love the bear's scarf!

  2. cuuuuuutee! i like yours better, actually. lol. maybe it's because of all the character! :D


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