Friday, January 21, 2011

likes of the day

Saw this on Mrs. Pashmina's post about wavy hair, and it's orginally from Style Me Pretty.  But it was the simple but awesome invite in the middle picture that caught my eye!

I love cities and cityscapes and skylines.  Their other pictures are also nice.  :oP  (Source)

Thought this cup from Starbucks is really cute!  The Starbucks that is closest to work is like... the slowest Starbucks ever so I usually have a few minutes to let my eyes wander over to the "products"/sale section.... before they wander over the pastry case... before I have to make eye contact (it's a nice human courtesy thing to do, right?) with the barista.

I may pick it up.  After Valentine's Day.  :-P  (Source)

I also love people who give me Starbucks giftcards (two for Christmas!) and feed my coffee addiction.  :oP  And at $1.62 for a tall coffee (silly tax), those giftcards last awhile!  Once in awhile I'll splurge on a mocha.  Or latte.  But seriously, one of those equal two days worth of coffee!

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