Saturday, January 15, 2011

"It All Begins with Once Upon a Time"

Umm.... what could possibly be more whimsical, cute, and delightful?  These are drawn by Kit of the Etsy shop, Trafalgars Square.

Kit also has a blog at LullaLoo.  She of course has no idea who I am and I just wanted to toot about such cuteness!

Hmm.  When is the next gift giving holiday where I can make suggestions for purchases?  :-P  I'm not big on buying art (sorry) but these are just too darling!  So simple, so lovely.  Watercolor  + cute animals = great art.  haha.  Plus, the 5x7 prints are only $8!  Which is an acceptable price for art, right?  :]

The characters and scenes would be perfect gifts for a new baby!  The adorable animals are definitely nursery worthy, especially in a series of white frames.  Can you see it?!


  1. So, are you going to need to decorate a nursery soon? hehe. Did you end up buying them/it?

  2. yeah, where's the new baby alvina? ;) those are cute..i like the hedgehog(?) with the books the best.


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