Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine's Day cards

So in addition to my animal cut outs crafting, I have bookmarked a few ideas from Martha for Valentine's Day cards!  I know I know, it's only mid January.  But... it's only a MONTH until Valentine's day and I'm sure there are lots of important things I need to tend to between now and then.  :oP  Plus I'd be making these for friends (and not specifically for Tim) so I'd have to make a bunch!

Heart bookmark.  A useful Valentine!  (Source)

Hearts and blocks card.  Instead of stamping, I would probably just use four little squares of cardstock. 
Ribbon-punched.  The only downside (as in how hard it will be to combat my laziness) to this project would be... I'd probably want a smaller sized hole-punch (only have the office size one and those holes are pretty big) and I'd need ribbon.  (Source)

Which one do you think I should tackle?

1 comment:

  1. i like the bookmark one, because it's dual purpose! :) and don't worry..i've already started thinking of v-day cards as well. gotta start early or it never gets finished!


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