Friday, January 21, 2011


I haven't changed my laptop background since sometime after Halloween, so I decided it was time to do that.  I originally put this one up:

Then it occured to me.  This is what it looks outside.   Why would I want to look at it on my computer?!  So I decided to look through my "Summer 2010" album and decided on this one:

To remind me that the day when it'll look like this will indeed come again.  Today's lows are in the teens/20s.  (Though my cousin said it's -30° where she is so... I shouldn't complain.)  This will do for now.  Though it sort of feels scenic-ly boring.  haha.

What's on your computer background?  Are they usually of stockphoto/downloaded backgrounds or your own pictures?

1 comment:

  1. this shouldn't surprise you any... but it's a night pic from iceland when the volcano was erupting... but now that you mention it, i should probly change it sometime it's been up there awhile... the background on my phone is one of our dams while we were releasing water. i know more info than you asked for but now you can't write me off as a total nerd :P


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